Praise and Worship Basics

If you read a scripture from the references listed, that scripture should speak something to you. The revelation you receive becomes your statement of declaration in worship. As you wave your color flag you are declaring what God has revealed to you. Your declaration becomes the fuel for your excitement and expression of worship. Your worship then becomes energetic, more meaningful, more glorious, and most important a powerful weapon against the enemy.

As you progress, you will enter different dimensions of worship, and as you do, your expressions will take on different forms: warlike, celebratory, intercessory, prophetic, evangelistic, etc. You are now worshipping by inspiration; it is strategic and comes by revelation. As my Pastor once told us, the way to defeat the enemy is by revelation. Once the enemy is defeated, the spoils are all yours.

Every church, ministry of worship, or individual worshipper should have a flag set of at least these seven basic colors. Color flags will add to the dynamics of the worship experience by making it more meaningful and powerful. The flag in itself has a message and the color in itself has its message. Imagine the power of the statements and declarations being made in the atmosphere, and in the heavens when a colorful flags is waved in worship. Combination of colors is even more powerful, because your power of declaration multiplies.

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