Flag Basics

Worship the King with Flags

Flags are symbols of declaration. When we use flags in worship we are making statements of declaration in the atmosphere in the realm of the spirit. We are declaring what the scriptures declare: victory, celebration, salvation, deliverance, restoration, love, power, strength, protection, unity, healing, provision, war against the enemy, breakthrough, etc.

Our declarations in worship breaks the powers of darkness, defeats the enemy, and releases the glory of God. In the glory of God, the impossible happens; God reveals His face and His promises become attainable.

  • The flag or banner is used here to declare war
    Isaiah 13:2
  • Jehovah Nissi, the Lord is the Banner or the Flag that declares protection, and war against the enemy
    Exodus 17: 15-16
  • The flag is used for gathering and assembling declaring unity
    Isaiah 11:12
  • The flag or banner is used for rejoicing and celebration declaring answered prayers and breakthrough
    Psalm 20:5
  • The flag is used to declare deliverance and salvation
    Psalm 60: 4-5
  • The flag or banner is love declaring provision, healing, restoration
    Songs of Solomon 2:4
  • The flag or banner depicts power, and strength
    Songs of Solomon 6:4
  • The flag is a symbol of power, strength, and victory
    Isaiah 31:9
  • Lifting up Jesus like a flag or banner will bring salvation to all men
    John 12:32